Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Tutu Drive!

See, I told you you would learn more about me. Here are a few more of my favorite things. Tutus, sewing and charity. All bundled up in one neat little package.

Over at the Samster Mommy blog they are doing a drive for dress up clothes for sick kiddos. She called it a "tutu" drive but they are collecting all types of dress up clothes. Capes, crowns etc... You can read all about the cause and the rules of the drive HERE. There isn't much time left, she wants to have all of the donations collected by the end of July but I thought I would send the word out to all of my crafty peeps. I know how much you all love charity sewing. Especially pretty tutus for tiny princesses. I just know they will bring HUGE smiles. Natasha has some tutorials on her blog and a list of others but I thought I would link you to a few of my favorite dress up tutes too.
Hopefully I can help rally the troops.

Please leave me a comment if you send a tutu in, I'd love to see pictures too!!

How To Make a Pettiskirt
Mafia Tutu (From Tutu Mafia)
JHam's Reversible Super Hero Cape
Fairy Wings ( I HEART Thread Banger!!)
Riding Cloak
Tutu by Flea

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