Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Something OLD, Something NEW, Something BORROWED, Something BLUE.

No, I'm not preparing to walk down the isle. I did that nearly nine years ago, November 1, 2003. Wow how time flies. Oh, look, there's Mr. t-beri (check his music out HERE )and a shameless opportunity for me to post a stunning wedding picture. ;) But as I said, this blog post is NOT about a wedding day. It is about reviving my long dead blog.

Since my very short lived blogging career ended I have thought often about diving back in but life, as it does, got in the way. Recently, however, I have enrolled in the world's leading holistic nutrition school, the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I'm preparing to start a new career as a health coach. One of the ways that I hope to help people find happiness through healthy practices is by sharing on a blog. What better way to get back into the blog-o-sphere than to jump in where I left off? Get my feet wet again. But what to blog about?!?!?! I had a ton of thoughts swirling through my head, which only further put off my return. UNTIL...I got the opportunity to test a new top/dress pattern for SisBoom Fabrics, designed by none other than Carla C., the Scientific Seamstress herself. Instantly I knew that this would be my return. My very first blog post was a give away of Scientific Seamstress patterns and Sis Boom fabrics and while there is no give away this time around I did think that it was a wonderful place to start.

Now that you've read that long and painful intro, and I applaud you if you're still reading, you probably want to know what ANY of this has to do with the title of my post. It's all part of my journey from heaps of fabric to gorgeous new halter dress. This blog is my something OLD.
When I decided to test this pattern for Carla and Jennifer of course I knew I would use SIS BOOM fabric. The Lucy Halter Dress is my something NEW. This dress is so sunny and summery and Florida-Y that I really wanted to reflect that in my fabric choices. Alas my fabric stash had other ideas. Spring? I could do spring. Fall? I could do fall but summer was bits and pieces and largish scraps. What was a girl to do? Facebook about it of course. I updated my status wishing that my stash would cooperate and the next time I looked at it there would be something new and wonderful there. After that I went back to a pile of fabric in my never ending UFO bin looking for some yardage of completely non summery Sis Boom fabric that I thought I would use, if I could find it, and there it was...all BLUE and ocean-like. Reminding me of the warm waters of the Caribbean. My wish had come true, a new option seemed to appear magically. I had found summer and it was BLUE...SOMETHING BLUE!. Still, there wasn't enough to make a dress. I dug through the summer scraps I found earlier and came up with just enough fabric to get the job done. To be truthful there was even a chunk out of part of the bottom of the skirt fabric but it was as short as I could make it as a dress and I was fairly certain I could hide it in the hem, it's a little shorter than I would have liked.
Ah, there it is. A little of that ocean blue peeking out.

After everything was cut out and ready to go I sat down to my machine. About midway through the first section of bodice my machine started acting up. I couldn't fix it so I stopped by my wonderful and talented Mother in law's to pick up a functional machine (BORROWED). Of course it ran out of bobbin at about the same spot on the second side of the bodice and I didn't know how to rethread it. Kids and dogs and husbands and dinners later I thought that I would never have a Lucy Halter to blog for you all but here it is. And it still needs to be ironed.
This dress is just great for summer in any length. It can be a waist skimming halter, tunic length top to go with some light weight Capri pants, a beach cover up or a flowing gown for a night out with your sweetheart. It also has a more modest bodice option where the cups cross. One of my favorite things about this dress is that the bodice can be chosen based on cup size, ranging from AA to DD, so if your cup runneth over or like me you are thicker through the middle you're sure to get a great fit for the girls. Know what else? It is REALLY easy to put together. I LOVE that...but then, I'm lazy.

Once again Jennifer Paganelli and Carla Crim have brought you a gorgeous, well designed and versatile pattern. Just in time for all those summer barbeques. You can find it on Etsy
or Craftsy. I'd love to see what you come up with!!


  1. Oh my gosh, your wedding pic is stunning!!! And LOVE the dress you made! I JUST bought a sewing machine and am now obsessed with soaking up everything I can about the craft so be prepared to be peppered with questions! :-)

  2. I very much enjoyed your blog post!! You look fantastic in your dress! And, I'm always happy to see your gorgeous wedding pictures!!!!

    1. Can you wear a bra with the halter dress? Or do you just go without?

  3. Lori, that is AWESOME. Ask anytime! I actually have a PERFECT beginner tutorial going up in the next day or two. I hope it will inspire you.
    Thank you both for the compliments on my wedding picture. It was a fabulous day!!

  4. In my opinion it really doesn't need a bra. It is nicely shaped and 2 layers of fabric. It's like wearing a tank w/ a shelf bra in it. If you use lighter fabrics you could add a third layer of muslin in between the fabrics or probably even soft cups that you can get at fabric supply stores. I REALLY don't think it needs it though.

  5. So cool Tifani! I had no idea you made this when I saw it on your FB page. You are very talented ;)

  6. Awe. Thanks Raina. I appreciate the compliment.